GGB Imagination Studio

Introducing The GGB Imagination Studio


Goods Giving Back began, in part, from my desire to be more creative and try my hand at things I’ve never done before.

Trying new things, however, means finding a lot of ways that don’t work before finding those that do. And if I am being true to my self-imposed edict of living my goods life out loud, I should publicly disclose my metric ton of epic fails.

*wiggles finger to come closer to the screen then whispers*

But let’s be honest, who wants to be included as bullet #3 in a listicle of Pinterest fails?

*clears throat and returns to normal speaking voice*

And for all the talk about authenticity and transparency, I kept asking myself, would posts detailing my unsuccessful crafty endeavors really be good for business? And the answer was always the same.

Crafty Goals

While becoming a premier venue and destination for philanthropic makers may be one of the goals of Goods Giving Back, it’s not the only goal. I also want to inspire people to tackle their own “someday projects” list no matter the outcome.

Because when we peel back the layers of perfect social media photos, we learn everything is not as it seems.

Those candid captures of daily life or soft-focus photos of handmade products on a weathered piece of wood are the result of a perfectly orchestrated process. They do not account for the hundreds of photos that ended up in the iPhone trash bin. They do not provide an accurate count of the hours spent to create that single image.

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The Reality Of Craft Projects

Which brings us to the most daunting thing about a “someday projects” list – venturing into places unknown. After all, the medium you’ve always thought would be a great creative outlet may be far too labor intensive to be enjoyable. Or costly. Or just downright boring.

But I rarely hear stories detailing the reasons why someone chose one medium over another. I rarely hear about the unsuccessful results of when imagination and reality collided. For all the talk about someone’s “journey” I don’t see a lot of raw footage making its way into the blogosphere.

*uses movie announcer voice w/echo chamber effect*

Until now…now…now…


Ok, seriously. So often the best tutorials (albeit short in supply) aren’t the ones that provide carefully photographed steps to accomplishments, but instead allow us to peek inside the unfiltered reality of attempting something new. Allow us to see the 10,000 ways that didn’t work for someone else but may work for us.

Let’s Use Our Imaginations

When we use our imaginations we must give ourselves permission to fail in order to allow creativity take hold in ways we never imagined therefore the Goods Giving Back (GGB) Imagination Studio will seek to answer a simple question: “what happens when I do this?”

It’s time to provide stories of imaginations gone wild and projects gone, well, wherever their natural outcome takes them.

Share the Goods: What kinds projects would you like to see in the GGB Imagination Studio?