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The Monster Of All Projects List

Once I decided to close Words to Sweat by permanently, I started thinking about what 2016 would entail. I have been building and running the small business for six years so without it, there would be a big shift in my days.

I would have “free time”!

Even more exciting? I would be able tackle that overflowing “Projects To Try” folder I’ve been building for years now. It was liberating to think about having time to try and fail and try again without being dependent on the outcome. I could be even more adventurous because I didn’t have to be concerned with product manufacturing on a larger scale.

Projects To Try

So, I started brainstorming and writing down my ideas. Here are some of things I will do:

  1. Make myself a copy a Horny Toad reversible fleece toque I love and have had for almost two decades. It has been discontinued therefore I’m on my own when the one I have is no longer. What I thought would be super easy design to copy still has me stumped. Time to unlock that last piece of the puzzle.
  2. Try my hand at making things with resin. I will start with simple clear pendants, work my way to to adding color, then…buttons! I plan on using the outcome for additional projects so I will be making my own supplies for future pieces.
  3. Burlap. (Yes, I have broken with numbered list convention, but burlap needs no verb pairing, it is a category unto itself.) This is such a versatile fabric, I hope to do a variety of things. Totes and pillows with applique/accessories are first on the burlap list.
  4. Make a small “crazy quilt”. I started one years ago that must be lonely. It’s time to become reacquainted with the pieces I started and add to them.

The above are only four of the more than 20 things I have on the list so far. Some are very specific while others involve trying a variety of things in specific material/medium. All of them will produce many tangible objects.

I Made Stuff, Now What?

Completing all of my projects over the course of the year is great for personal enrichment, but there was still the sticking point on what to do with all of the finished pieces? After all, the beauty of my 2016 projects list is that outside of expressing myself through creative endeavors and learning new things while using up some of my stash and supplies, I didn’t have to think about what to do with the outcomes.

I needed no plan more cohesive than “I want to try this and have the privilege to do so.”

As much as I love to create things, I really don’t like unneeded stuff in the house. And completing all the projects on my list would leave me with a lot of it.

This is where the idea for Goods Giving Back first took root. I could make items that interest me with no other purpose than covering my costs and donating the profit to charities of my choice at the point of sale.

I even had one of those long and animated late night phone conversations with a dear friend who asked all sorts of questions and poked through the holes in my ideas to see where they could be filled.

After our conversation, I had even more questions than when I started, but I also had a high-level framework for development, as well as at least three clearly identified audiences.

What was once just the monster of all projects list had become a full-blown prospective product.

Great things are going to come of Goods Giving Back.

Share the Goods: What does your passion projects list include? If handmade goods is a part of it and you’d like to list something in the Goods Giving Back marketplace, please contact us for an invitation .


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  1. Stephanie

    This sounds like a wonderful concept. I’ve never known myself to be “crafty” but, maybe I will be inspired to create and use your site to sell or buy! I’m very excited for how this idea pans out. I’ll be following you:-)

    • Dana

      Thank you for the vote of confidence! I value your opinion and support. I know there are so many things you could contribute to this project so why not try your hand at something fun that interests you? I’m certain you will find many things you’ll want to buy once the site is live.

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