Goods Giving Back pay nonprofits
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How Does Goods Giving Back Pay Nonprofits?

When I explain the concept of Goods Giving Back to people, the first question they ask is, “How does Goods Giving Back pay nonprofits?”

The most straightforward answer is: nonprofits get paid at the time of sale.

Maker Philanthropy And Transparency

As always, however, there is more to the story.

Goods Giving Back began, in part, because of the lack of transparency in the philanthropic efforts of handmade makers. There are a variety of sellers within the popular online marketplaces who claim that they donate a certain percentage of profits to a nonprofit of their choice. The customer has no way of knowing if and when the donation is made, though, or how much is donated over time as a result of the seller’s efforts.

There is neither transparency nor accountability in the current approach. And that’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

Even if the sellers’ motivations are sincere and they intend to donate the promised amount, something may happen that requires the funds originally earmarked for the nonprofit are used for other purposes.

Goods Giving Back brings accountability and transparency to a maker’s philanthropy by:

  • Specifying the exact charity that benefits from each product
  • Specifying the exact percentage of the product price the nonprofit receives from the sale.
  • Providing a detailed list of how much each organization or maker gets paid from the sale upon checkout.

How does Goods Giving Back Pay Nonprofits?

Goods Giving Back And Payment Processing

As of April 2016, Goods Giving Back offers secure payment processing with Paypal.

This solution also ensures Good Giving Back can pay nonprofits directly at the time of sale. Goods Giving Back does not hold a maker or nonprofit’s money at any time.

Before customers complete an order, they will see a detailed list of each recipient getting paid as a result of the purchase.

Every Dollar Counts For Small Nonprofits

One of the many benefits of ensuring transparency and accountability is that small nonprofits now have the opportunity to have some recurring monthly income by promoting the items in their shop.

What may seem like a small amount to some makes a world of difference to organizations stretching every dollar as far as it will go.

Goods Giving Back Fosters Charitable Giving

So, while learning more about how Goods Giving Back pays nonprofits is important, the more interesting question is, “Why does Goods Giving Back pay nonprofits at the time of sale?”

The answer is simple: To enable makers to give of themselves through their craft and foster transparent charitable giving.