Five Simple Ways To Protect The Planet
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5 Simple Ways To Protect The Planet You Love

With Earth Day approaching, many people are left thinking, “What can I do to protect the planet?” It certainly seems like a daunting task, but there here are 5 simple ways you can live a greener life and protect the planet at the same time!

1. Start A Composting Bin

According to some figures, as much as half of all food produced ends up being wasted. Food that ends up in landfills is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. When you have a composting bin it reduces your food waste since you are composting food you would otherwise send to a landfill.

Unclear on where to begin? Start by learning what you can and cannot compost then select a composting bin that best suits the space you have available and the amount of food you expect to add to the bin.

2. Host An Environmental Documentary Screening

Bored of doing the same thing every Friday night? Invite your friends over to watch an environmental documentary or two!

There are many great documentaries on Netflix and iTunes that cover important issues in environmentalism, including one of my favorites “Revolution”.

Get started with what Netflix has to offer by going through suggestions here and here.

While you’re at it, pick up some eco-friendly snacks to go with the film!

5 Ways To Protect Planet

3. Read About The Issues

One of the most important things we can do is become informed on the issues affecting our planet. Take a few minutes each day and read a few of the latest articles in the environmentalism world. One of my favorite resources is The Guardian – Environment.

4. Organize A Park Cleanup

A great way to get your community involved is to organize a park cleanup. Some cities have staff that keep parks neat and tidy, but others do not.

Research which parks in your area need some TLC and organize a small event for a weekend. All that is needed is biodegradable gloves, tongs, biodegradable garbage bags, and a bit of organizing!

If you would prefer just to join an already scheduled event and live in the United States, you can look through the projects offered by The Hands On Network.  There is also a worldwide, yearly Goods Deeds Day that offer a variety of projects related to the environment.

5. Encourage Youth To Get Involved

The most important way to protect the planet is to empower today’s youth to protect the planet. Today’s youth will be tomorrow’s leaders and it is crucial we educate them on the issues affecting our planet. Take a few moments to introduce youth in your life to environmentalism and explain to them the importance of protecting our planet for future generations.


Darcy Green Founder Drizzle Environmental SocietyDarcy Green is the Founder of Drizzle Environmental Society, a non-profit organization empowering youth to protect the planet. He is also the Founder of Drizzle Apparel Co., a social enterprise clothing company which donates 50% of profits to Drizzle Society’s youth environmental initiatives. He is based in Vancouver, Canada and is passionate about the future of our planet and the role today’s youth will play in getting there.